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The Hamburg Süd Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Our latest Sustainability Report for the 2014/2015 reporting year summarizes what Hamburg Süd has initiated, realized, and achieved in regards to sustainability. From the reduction of CO₂e emissions to the use of more sustainable materials to the transportation ban of threatened species. The report, which has been drawn up in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, offers an overview of our commitment along with extensive facts and figures on all fundamental sustainability issues.

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Selected sustainability projects

Cap San Tainaro and Santa Catarina
Fuel changeover in Chile

In collaboration with our customer Electrolux, we launched a project in Chile in 2017, as well as in Mexico, Peru, and Chile in 2018, to reduce our sulphur emissions. It entailed switching over from heavy marine oil to marine gas oil during our stay in the port, and resulted in a savings in sulphur emissions of over 98 percent. The project shows: Together, we can achieve even more when it comes to sustainability.

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Seafarer training in the South Pacific
50 years of seafarer training in the South Pacific

A half century ago, Hamburg Süd co-founded the Maritime Training Centre (MTC) on Kiribati’s Tarawa Atoll. To date, more than 5,000 seafarers have been trained there – giving the young people of Kiribati a truly positive future outlook. For Hamburg Süd and its partnering shipping companies, too, the seafarers’ school in the South Pacific is a win all round.

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Together for more sustainability

Guidelines for our actions


Our sustainability policy is anchored in the principles of our social and environmental responsibility; our Safety, Environmental, and Quality Policy; and our Code of Conduct.

Principles of Social and Ecological Responsibility
Safety, Environmental, and Quality Policy
Code of Conduct for Suppliers

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